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About TAHSNr

The Toronto Academic Health Science Network (TAHSN) is a dynamic network of academic health organizations providing leading edge research, teaching and clinical care. Comprised of the University of Toronto and 12 affiliated hospitals, these organizations work together to advance and sustain a shared academic mission: provide high quality patient care, conduct innovative research, transfer knowledge, and deliver offer world-renowned education. TAHSN is a leader in Canadian healthcare and one of the largest, most academically productive health centres in North America.

The TAHSN mission is supported by a number of standing Sub-Committees, including the TAHSN Research Committee (TAHSNr). TAHSNr is co-chaired by Vice Dean, Research & Health Science Education,  Dr. Justin Nodwell and Dr. Brad Wouters, Executive Vice President of Science and Research at UHN. The TAHSNr Terms of Reference are found here.