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Institute of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering (IBBME) researchers collaborate across the disciplines of engineering, medicine and dentistry to develop innovative solutions for the most pressing health-care challenges in the world. Learn about their four research themes in biomedical and clinical engineering that are shaping the next frontiers in human health.

Translational Biology and Engineering Program

The Translational Biology and Engineering Program (TBEP) is the University of Toronto’s component of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research (TRCHR). Occupying the 14th floor of MaRS Discovery District’s West Tower, TBEP brings together eight faculty members and their students from U of T Dentistry, Engineering and Medicine to advance heart research, diagnostics, and regeneration using a comprehensive approach that includes systems and developmental biology, technology innovation and clinical translation.

Drug Development

The Precision Medicine initiative at the University of Toronto (PRiME) brings together world-class scientists, engineers and innovators at the University of Toronto to tackle unmet needs in drug discovery, diagnostics and disease biology.. Located at the University of Toronto, this initiative leverages world-class expertise in biologics, omics, molecular chemistry, liquid biopsy, nanomedicine, biology-on-a-chip and related domains to develop new solutions.

Many new and potentially life-changing regenerative medicine-based treatments never reach patients because they are not successfully moved from the laboratory to a stage where they can be used in medicine. In order to fulfill RM’s promise to treat the many diseases affecting our population, a world-renowned group of stem cell scientists and bioengineers have come together to form CCRM. CCRM’s mission is to generate sustainable health and economic benefits through global collaboration in cell and gene therapy, and regenerative medicine. 

Medicine by Design harnesses the extraordinary expertise at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals to undertake transformative research in regenerative medicine and cell therapy, power Toronto’s bioscience sector and strengthen Canada as a global leader in the field.