SEM image of bacteria captured on gold electrode

Microscopy Imaging Laboratory


The Microscopy Imaging Laboratory (MIL) is a core imaging service in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine providing electron microscopy and fluorescence microscopy imaging capabilities to students and scientists in basic, medical and industrial research. The MIL maintains a complete lab for the preparation of TEM and SEM samples including fixation, resin embedding, thin sectioning, critical point drying and gold sputter coating. The thin sectioning lab is equipped with an RMC MT7000 and two Reichert Ultracut E ultra-microtomes. A server/workstation lab is equipped with BitPlane, AutoQuant and Zen image analysis software.

Operation of the unit is on a fee for service basis. Users can take advantage of full service (all work carried out by staff in the unit) or may be trained to use the equipment themselves on an hourly or annual contract fee basis. For more information, please visit our contact page.

MIL Disk Confocal