For Internal Faculty & Clinicians

Sometimes collaborating with external organizations is the best way to create new knowledge, maximize the impact of your innovations or find opportunities for your graduate students. We work with faculty to identify external organizations that meet your partnership needs, advise on how to best leverage research collaborations and help you connect with external organizations.

Let us know how we can help you partner with external organizations. 

For more information on partnerships or to discuss any of the services below, contact Jarrod Ladouceur.

Services We Provide

  • Connect with Organizations

We work with organizations to understand their needs and connect them to opportunities within the faculty. If you want to know what priorities external organizations have we can help. 

  • Advice on Partnership Options

Knowing how and when to collaborate with external organizations is a complex challenge. We will work with you to develop partnership strategies and guidance on how to form partnerships. 

  • Events and Networking Opportunities

To help you to explore collaboration opportunities and connect with partners, we support programs and events that help to build your network and relationships with external organizations. 

  • Promotion of Opportunities

Do you have an active project in need of a partner? Are you building a consortium for a project? We work with you to identify partners and engage with them.

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