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Resources and Links for Postdoctoral Fellows

We encourage you to take advantage of the resources and events below.

Access the job boards, book appointments with career educators, engage in job shadowing, and participate in other career events.

Are you a multilingual postdoctoral fellow looking for a drop-in space to have informal conversations in English? Chat about Toronto slang and idioms, meeting new people, campus life, and other fun topics in a pressure-free environment. 

If you have a Teaching postdoc, explore opportunities to hone your pedagogical skills through the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI). 

U of T campus

GradLife Programming

Take a break, find community with other postdocs and grad students, develop skills and expand your academic network!

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The Graduate Centre for Academic Communication (GCAC) provides instruction on written and oral communications skills. U of T postdoctoral fellows are welcome to take their free workshops (no registration required!), offered throughout the fall and winter terms.

As a postdoctoral fellow at U of T, you have full access to seminars, workshops, and non-credit courses through the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program. Learn about effective communication, planning and time management, entrepreneurship, ethical practices, teamwork and leadership, and more.

In THE500, senior PhD candidates and post-doctoral fellows will improve their teaching practice by becoming more knowledgeable about theories in teaching and learning. Course participants will experience and take part in a variety of teaching situations, from small group work to more formal lecture sessions. Five spots in every class of 30 are reserved for postdocs.


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