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Graduate Student Endowment Funds


Application Required: Yes

Value: Varies

Level of Study: Doctoral, master's

Required Legal Status: Domestic, international

Consult the additional details section for full eligibility requirements and terms and conditions.


The GSEF is an Ontario Government matching initiative which was intended to provide incentive for the establishment of new private award endowments for graduate student funding. The Ontario Government provided $27.2 million to the University as an endowment for the GSEFs. Private donations (in $50,000 units) were matched dollar-for-dollar from this GSEF endowment. The combined endowment is further matched by U of T money on half of its annual income. Thus, a private donation of $50,000 was matched with $50,000 from the government endowment, resulting in a graduate award endowment of $100,000. The annual income from this (approximately $4,000) is matched with a further $2,000 to create a graduate award payout of $6,000 per year.

List of Awards

Review the list of GSEF awards.

For additional details on individual award criteria, pleae visit Award Explorer.

Additional Details

More About GSEF Awards

In the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, the department or unit that raised the initial $50,000 donation is responsible for providing the annual match of one half of the endowment income. This match can be covered from a variety of department/unit/institute sources, including other endowment income or awards (not associated with the Ontario Government, such as OSOTF and OGS awards) or U of T Fellowship funds.

There are approximately 45 named GSEF expendable accounts in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine.  These are held either directly in graduate departments or through clinical departments and research centres.


The GSEF awards are open to all U of T registered full-time graduate students (Masters or PhD), normally in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. There are no restrictions based on citizenship or status in Canada or year of study. Each individual award has further eligibility requirements which may include a particular research focus, and/or affiliation of awardee and/or supervisor with a particular unit. Please consult individual award records for these eligibility requirements.


Awards are for one academic year and are not renewable; however, a new application may be made for support in subsequent competitions.

Terms and Conditions 

To hold an award, you must be registered in an eligible graduate (Masters or PhD) program for at least 14 weeks of any term. You will be required to repay the award if you are registered fewer than 14 weeks in any term, or you withdraw from the program.

Application Forms

Complete all sections of the GSEF application form and include specified supporting documents. You and your supervisor must sign the application form. If financial need is a condition of the award then you will need to also complete the GSEF Financial Needs Assessment Form as part of your application.  

Application Procedures

Please apply directly to your respective departments/units/institutes for GSEF awards. The departments/units/institutes coordinate and adjudicate their own GSEF award nominations. This includes announcing their GSEF awards and establishing deadlines, convening a committee, as appropriate, to review applications received, ensuring eligibility of nominees, and notifying successful candidates by correspondence. Award applications and supporting documentation are kept on file in the departments/units/institutes.