group of researchers in protective gear

Toronto High Containment Facility

Facilities and regulatory program for research with infectious biological agents that require high containment infrastructure and operational approaches

Leading Regulatory Program

The Temerty Faculty of Medicine maintains secure facilities for work with Risk Group 3 pathogens such that crucial research on established and emerging infectious diseases can be conducted while ensuring researchers and the larger community are protected from risk. Paramount in the support of these facilities is the regulatory group within the Faculty of Medicine that oversees and facilitates the work that is undertaken in the Toronto High Containment Facility. This team provides expert risk assessment for research projects, standardized protocol development and essential training and certification for all THCF research personnel. Our approach meets and seeks to exceed all federal regulatory requirements and has been acknowledged as sector leading by national regulatory bodies.

Research Scope

The THCF is outfitted to support both in vivo and in vitro research programs, with all appropriate bio-containment and essential laboratory equipment in place. Additionally, the facilities offer the following preparatory and analytical equipment:

  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Shaking incubators
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Hand held homogenizers
  • EVOS and EVOS-FL microscopes for bright field and fluorescence imaging
  • Plate washer and luminometer/fluorescence plate reader
  • Glas-Col inhalation exposure system

The Toronto High Containment Facilities and services are available for a fee for researchers from UofT, UHN and other academic institutions as well as industrial sector partners. 

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