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Grant Development Supports

The Office of the Vice Dean, Research and Health Science Education (RHSE) offers a complimentary grant editing service to on-campus Temerty Faculty of Medicine principal investigators. Our typical turn-around time is approximately one week. 

We prioritize CIHR, CFI, and CRC grants for editorial review, but will review all grant proposals to any funding agency or foundation on an ad hoc basis, time permitting. Hospital-based off-campus investigators are charged a fee of $60.00/page + HST, if applicable, and should complete the off-campus request form.

During peak periods, and particularly for CIHR Project Grant rounds, proposals submitted by on-campus researchers will be prioritized for editorial support.

Contact us to take advantage of this service.

Alex De Serrano
Strategic Research Development Officer

Research Funding, Awards and Honours Officer

Our services include:

  • Support for all grant proposals, to any funding agency, from single-investigator to major multi-researcher pan-institutional applications
  • Ensuring applications clearly demonstrate the impact of your research
  • Re-organizing for effective content and structure
  • Clarifying meaning, polishing language and improving readability
  • Correcting grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation
  • Ensuring your proposal adheres to agency formatting guidelines

Please note that we are unable to review manuscripts, verify budgets, edit references or edit/format CVs.

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