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Partnerships & Entrepreneurship

The knowledge and technologies you create have the potential to address some of society’s most significant and current challenges. 

Actively pursuing the application and translation of your research helps to address those societal challenges, create both training and career opportunities for learners, and can strengthen research programs. When academics and organizations collaborate and engage in strategic planning and decision making, we can turn novel knowledge and technologies into real-world solutions to solve today's dilemmas. Temerty Medicine, in collaboration with the Innovation and Partnerships Officeworks with faculty to identify partnership opportunities and resources you need to launch and accelerate the process of getting research from the lab and into the market.

New Resources for U of T Inventors and Entrepreneurs!

The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is pleased to provide two new resources for faculty, researchers, and students interested in commercializing research or starting a company: The Inventor's Guide to Technology Transfer.

This guide providse practical information on:

  • When and how to disclose an invention;
  • Protecting intellectual property;
  • Navigating U of T policies and conflicts of interest;
  • How to get funding; and
  • How to bring technology to market.

If you or your department have any questions or would like to host a workshop to learn more, contact