Anastasia Bosc, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Anastasia BoscDuring her time as an undergraduate, Anastasia has demonstrated leadership traits and made boundless efforts to contribute to student life on campus by promoting learning outside the classroom and initiating social activities. As the current Co‐President of the Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology Student Union, she has planned various academic seminars, socials, and two successful conferences that aimed to enrich the knowledge of undergraduates on relevant issues in current society: 2013 Undergraduate Conference on Cancer and 2014 Conference on the Aging Population. She has further contributed to student academics through her involvement as Senior Editor for the Journal of Undergraduate Life Sciences, a scientific publication that showcases the research done by undergraduates. Furthermore, she is the Co-President of the Trinity College Board Game Club, a club she co‐founded two years ago that promotes a fun and interactive yet mentally stimulating way to socialize with others.