Anthony Gramolini PhD

Anthony GranoliniMid-Career Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Department of Physiology

Dr. Gramolini is a Full Professor at the University of Toronto, a Scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, and the Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Proteomics and Molecular Therapeutics.

As a Scientist in the Translational Biology and Engineering Program of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, Dr. Gramolini runs a cardiovascular research lab with a primary interest in investigating the cellular mechanisms involved in the progression of heart failure. He employs cell and molecular biology, molecular imaging, and mass spectrometry approaches to investigate these problems.  NSERC, CIHR, Genome Canada, Ontario Research Fund, CFI, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Heart and Stroke Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, and the Ted Rogers Centre have funded his research program.