Best Practices for Graduate Supervisors

GLSE  Faculty Development Series 2022

Strengthening mentorship, community and leadership in creating our future scientific thought leaders. 

Sharing Updates with Best Practices in Graduate Professional Development with Dr. Nana Lee


"The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves."
Steven Spielberg

Testimonials from previous workshops

  • "Great presentation and very impressive accomplishment."
  • "Great and job and excellent group discussion."
  • "great, interactive, good discussions... we're implementing IDPs and these workshops have helped us to inform how we wish to execute."
  • "I will be presenting IDP at our next supervisors' meeting as... I would like to introduce this at our next year's orientation..."
  • "Will integrate with my interaction with my students."

Goals: To optimize supervisory mentorship in graduate student research progress and professional development aimed at reducing times to completion.

Target Audience:
1) Faculty who currently have or are planning to train graduate students.
2) Faculty who are interested in establishing their own graduate professional development workshop series, course, or program for their department.

This Innovative Graduate Faculty Development Program is being coordinated by Dr. Nana Lee, GLSE’s Director of Mentorship and GPD, Director of Graduate Professional Development, Departments of Biochemistry and Immunology. She is also a Co-Author of Success After Graduate School 2016 with Dr. Reinhart Reithmeier.

Topics from Previous Workshops

I. Emotional Intelligence (EQ): How it Affects Lab Productivity

Dr. Elizabeth Gray, Medical Affairs, Eli Lilly
Real EQ Case Studies and Group Discussion with Heather McGhee Peggs and Nana Lee

II. Introduction to Design Thinking in the Lab and in Your Classroom Part I

Liam O’Leary and Nana Lee, recently trained at Stanford’s University Life Design Studio will share design process principles to promote engagement, teamwork and creative ideations among your students, lab members and yourself.

III. Applying Design Thinking in Your Lab and Classroom to Optimize Research Impact Part II

Liam O’Leary and Nana Lee will provide the tools, model ideas and interactive exercises from Stanford’s Design Studio to implement in your own lab or classroom with principles continued from December’s workshop.

IV. Helping Your Students Help You in a Diverse and Inclusive World

How to navigate possible influences of implicit bias on supervision and mentorship in higher education.

Dr. Imogen Coe and Ms Anita Balakrishna, LLB

V. Building a Strategic Research and Business Plan for your Lab and The Individual Development (IDP) Plan: the US and Canadian Perspective

Dr Tina McDivitt - President of Spindle Consulting for Life Sciences Dr. Uzma Orooj, Science Strategy Analyst, CIHR

VI:  GPD Best Practices and Next Steps

All GPD faculty and staff are invited to share milestones, impact stories, best practices and next steps. Nana Lee will be sharing her new models in her GPD classes.