Cindi Morshead, PhD

Cindi MorsheadDepartment of Surgery

Dr. Morshead completed her PhD at the University of Toronto and joined the faculty in 2003. She is currently a tenured Professor and Chair of the Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, appointed to the Institute of Biomaterial and Biomedical Engineering and the Rehabilitation Science Institute. She is also the Graduate Coordinator in the Institute of Medical Science. Dr. Morshead’s expertise is in stem cell biology and specifically in the field of adult neural stem cells. Her work is funded by CIHR, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Partnership in Stroke Recovery, Network for Centres of Excellence, Krembil Foundation, Brain Canada, Ontario Institute of Regenerative Medicine and the Ontario Brain Institute.

Many students take my neuroanatomy class primarily to satisfy a requirement for their programs so it is gratifying to me that by the end of the course, many ask if there is a way for them to continue in the next term.  Any successes I have had with students are in large part the outcome of working with outstanding teachers that I have tried my best to emulate.