Dejan (Danny) Bojic

Dejan Bojic

Dejan (Danny) Bojic
Home Institute: University of Ottawa
Supervisor: Dr. Mingyao Liu

Hi! My name is Danny. I am a fourth-year Translational and Molecular Medicine student at the University of Ottawa. I have a great passion for community involvement and healthcare. As such, I spend much of my time volunteering at the Credit Valley Hospital, mentoring students at the University of Ottawa, promoting initiatives for the Canadian Cancer Society, and maintaining good physical activity. My interest in research was sparked in the second year of my undergraduate studies when I was given the “prestigious” title of mouse personal trainer, spending hours supervising mice running on a treadmill. Although not actually glamorous, I am grateful for this start in research. It brought me to my current project assessing the effect of cancer survivor host factors on the bone marrow, enabled me to present my work at several conferences, and led to scholarships such as UROP, NSERC, and, of course, the Amgen Scholars Program (ASP). 

My passion for science and medicine goes beyond the lab bench. Last year I founded a federal non-profit organization, the IgNITE Medical Case Competition ( I created IgNITE to offer students opportunities to be involved in research by equipping them with transferrable skills and knowledge. This year we were able to reach more than 6000 students across North America. It is a privilege to give back to the scientific community that has given me so much. 

I am honoured to have worked alongside several industry-leading professors in fields ranging from regenerative medicine to cancer biology. This summer, I look forward to continuing to build these relationships and expanding my knowledge under the supervision of Dr. Mingyao Liu. Here we aim to improve ex vivo lung perfusion (EVLP) efficiency by introducing a novel perfusate solution. Using RNA-sequencing, I will assess differences in lung epithelial and endothelial cells following this novel solution's introduction. Our goal is to provide clinicians with a better understanding of the cellular changes following EVLP and improve lung health and stability during EVLP procedures such as lung transplants. 

Through the ASP, I anticipate cultivating meaningful relationships with our diverse group of Amgen scholars and professors. I look forward to collaborating and sharing stories about our respective experiences. Additionally, I am confident that the ASP will teach me valuable new science communication skills and ultimately prepare me for a career as a physician-scientist.