Denise D. Belsham, PhD

Denise BelshamDepartment of Physiology, Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology

Dr. Denise Belsham is a Professor of Physiology, Medicine and OB/GYN. Over her 22 years at the University of Toronto, she has served as the Graduate Coordinator, Academic Vice Chair, and Acting Chair of the Department of Physiology, contributing to the enhancement and expansionofthe graduateprogram in Physiology. She has also been instrumental in the development of a new MHSc in Medical Physiology. Importantly, she has trained over 125 people in her laboratory, including 36 graduate students, as well as 11 post-doctoral fellows and 67 undergraduate students. She is particularly proud that many of her trainees have been young women, well poised to pursue advanced scientific careers for which she serves as a role model. This is due to thecombination of an exceptional scientific program in neuroendocrinology, her success as an elite female entrepreneur with two successful start-up companies, as well as raising twin boys over the past 18 years.

The most gratifying part of being a mentor to young scientists is observing the profoundgrowth, both professionally and personally, that occurs during this influential stage of their lives. The exposure to the scientific process, withthe ups and downs, andall of the realities of being a scientist, strengthens their character and prepares them for any future opportunities and challenges. My own PhD supervisor often said that the proof of a successful mentor is when the student surpasses the teacher –I hope to witness this outcome for all of my trainees