Kristin E. Musselman, BSc, BScPT, MSc, PhD

Kristin MusselmanAssistant Professor
Early Career Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship
Graduate Faculty Education Awards

Dr. Kristin Musselman is a Physical Therapist, Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science Institute, and Scientist at KITE-University Health Network. Dr. Musselman maintains an externally-funded research program at the Lyndhurst Centre. There she and her team aim to optimize the rehabilitation of walking, balance and upper limb movements following damage to the nervous system in children and adults. Dr. Musselman has been the primary mentor for seven PhD students, four MSc students and four post-doctoral fellows, fostering excellence in research skills and professional development in future rehabilitation researchers. Within the Masters of Physical Therapy program at the University of Toronto she has been involved with the design and delivery of the neurology and advanced critical thinking courses. Dr. Musselman has also developed a unique research internship for these students, providing them with an immersive experience that models the career of a clinician-scientist.

Quote from the Winner
In the classroom and our lab, we are all colleagues at different stages of our careers who work collaboratively to help one another succeed.

About the Award
This award recognizes contributions to the training and experience of graduate students by faculty members within five years of their academic appointment. These contributions are evidenced by excellence in teaching, supervision or mentorship, and dedication to students.