Mikaela Stiver, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

Mikaela Stiver

I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute (RSI) working under the supervision of Dr. Anne Agur. Outside of research and teaching, I have sought out numerous opportunities to connect with and contribute to communities within RSI, the University of Toronto, and the City of Toronto/Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

As a member of the Rehabilitation Science Graduate Student Union, I have served as the co-chair of both the Social & Service Committee and the Mentorship Committee. I am also a Senior Editor and Promotions Manager for rehabINK: an academically-driven online publication created and led by graduate students in RSI.

Outside of RSI, I am actively involved with the award-winning, national, charitable organization Let’s Talk Science. Let’s Talk Science focuses on the development and delivery of hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) outreach initiatives for children and youth. As a Site Coordinator, I work with teams of dedicated volunteers to organize and manage several annual symposia for students across the GTA, including StemCellTalks, Let’s Talk Cancer, and the Let’s Talk Science Challenge.

I believe that successful leaders are those who can translate interest or enthusiasm into action and inspire those around them to do the same. I am tremendously grateful for those who inspired me and helped me to recognize the value of pursuing what I truly enjoy. As I near the end of my doctoral studies, I hope to carry this philosophy forward into my career.