Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Industrial Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)

Industrial undergraduate student research awards are available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents registered as full-time students in eligible undergraduate programs in the natural sciences or engineering at the time of application.  When the award is held, the student must have completed all the course requirements of at least the first year of university study (or two academic terms) of your bachelor's degree, and must not have started a program of graduate studies.  Students must have obtained a cumulative average of at least second class (B) over the previous years of study.  Students are eligible if they are registered in a bachelor’s degree program leading to an honours degree or a degree with a major. Candidates for undergraduate professional degrees in the health sciences (eg MD, DDS, BScN) are not eligible to hold these awards.

The awards have a maximum value (from NSERC) of $4,500 and may be held at any time of the year where permitted by the student’s academic program; the maximum duration of an award is 16 consecutive weeks.  Companies are required to supplement each award by at least 25%.  Supplements to the monthly value and fringe benefits, if applicable, will be the responsibility of the company.  I‑USRAs can be held within the Canadian-based research facilities of any Canadian private-sector organization eligible to host an I-USRA. These awards may not be held outside Canada.  For further information, see the Guidelines for Organizations Participating in NSERC Industrial Training Programs. Students may apply for awards at one or more of the approved companies of their choice.  NSERC will support up to ten students per eligible company per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31).

Deadline for applications; NSERC should receive applications from the company at least FOUR weeks before the scheduled start date of the work term.