Patricia Brubaker, PhD, FRSC

Patricia Brubaker

Professor, Departments of Physiology and Medicine
Canada Research Chair in Vascular and Metabolic Biology

Sustained Excellence and Innovation in Life Sciences Education
Undergraduate Teaching Awards in Life Sciences


Professor Patricia Brubaker has contributed to the teaching program of the Department of Physiology for over 35 years through her participation as both Lecturer and Course Director in a wide variety of undergraduate Arts & Sciences courses. Most notably, she has been responsible for the Body Weight Regulation section of PSL305H (Advanced Topics in Physiology - II) since 1996. This topic covers the molecular, cellular and organismic underpinnings of the physiological responses to food intake as relevant to the current epidemics of both obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Quote from the Winner

My teaching strategy is to interactively demonstrate how experiments are conducted to elucidate physiological systems; I then challenge the students to demonstrate their understanding through the prediction of changes in metabolic and body weight phenotypes resulting from system-based perturbations (i.e. gene knockout) including description of the necessary experiments to prove their prediction.