Prachi Ray, Pharmacology and Toxicology

Prachi Ray

Learning from upper-year students and faculty members really shaped my leadership approach over the past few years. It began with joining first and second-year learning communities where I appreciated the value of mentorship and peer support. Between these communities, informal study groups, and playing intramural sports, I began developing collaboration and communication skills that became critical to my leadership abilities. As an upper-year, I became captain of New College’s Women’s and Co-ed Intramural Volleyball team. More recently, as the peer mentor for the Pharmacology and Toxicology Second-Year Learning Community, it was quite rewarding being able to use my experiences to help younger students adjust to the PharmTox program. Working with my fellow peer mentors to plan academic, professional and social sessions taught me that being attentive, appreciative and receptive to feedback made me a better leader and mentor. Beyond involvements on campus, I co-founded Ask An Undergrad in 2020, a national student-led organization aimed at helping high school students transition to university by providing resources and mentorship. Creating an organization from scratch has been an incredible journey, requiring diligence and collaboration with undergraduate students across Canada. Overall, in each leadership role, I’ve learned that being adaptable and flexible to the team environment are key tenets of effective leadership.