Research and Health Science Education Summer Research Project Studentship

Wendy Wang

January 2023

The Office of the Vice Dean, Research and Health Science Education (RHSE), Temerty Faculty of Medicine will award 8 annual summer research project studentships per summer to support third or fourth year specialist and/or major students in our Basic Science departments. Non-University of Toronto students should have equivalent qualifications.

This is to provide mentored research opportunities for undergraduate students who undertake in depth study in one of our life sciences programs of study. Each department receives one studentship per summer to be awarded to a student the department selects based on excellent academic merit and interest in future graduate training. Support from RHSE is set at $2,500 per student and the student must be guaranteed at least an additional $2,500 in compensation from other sources managed by the sponsoring department.  

Award Duration

This is a 12 full week summer program, normally between May 1 and August 31, 2023.  


  • Students must have successfully completed a term in a full-time undergraduate program directly prior to the award period.
  • University of Toronto students must be enrolled in a third or fourth year major and/or specialist in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine Basic Science departments.
  • University of Toronto and non-University of Toronto students may be considered, including international students (with valid student visa for the full summer work term).
  • Student must have obtained a cumulative cGPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Students may be considered by only one application to this program.
  • Supervisors can be named as primary supervisor for only one application through one unit to this Program.
  • Be engaged on a full-time basis in research activities under the direction of an eligible supervisor
  • Interest in future graduate training
  • Has not started a program of graduate studies

In addition to these conditions, the submissions should have the following attributes

  • A designated faculty member appointed as coordinator of the summer program for each department or group.
  • A continuity of supervision for each student for the duration of the summer program, with supervisors involved in the program being members or associate members of the School of Graduate Studies.
  • An academic structure with clear accountability at the end of the summer program, e.g. required seminar presentations of students' own work.

Please Note:  It is the responsibility of Faculty Supervisor/Department Chair/Division to communicate all award/payment/reporting details to the student.