Richard L. Horner, PhD

Sustained Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentorship

Affiliation(s):     Department of Medicine,
Department of Physiology  

Context(s) for Award:     In recognition of sustained excellence in graduate teaching and mentorship.

Dr. Horner received his undergraduate degree in Physiology from the University of Sheffield, UK in 1986. He then completed his PhD at the University of London, UK in 1991 followed by postdoctoral work in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto (1991-1994) and the University of Pennsylvania (1994-1997). He returned to a faculty position at the University of Toronto in 1997 where he is now Professor of Medicine and Physiology and a Canada Research Chair. His research focuses on the brain cells and circuits controlling the states of sleep, drug-induced sedation and anesthesia, and their impact on vital functions such as breathing. He has over one hundred peer reviewed scientific publications and chapters in textbooks. Dr. Horner is also active in undergraduate and graduate teaching at the University of Toronto. He has won awards for these courses, as well as awards for linking teaching with research. He recently published a book for the general public titled The Universal Pastime: Sleep and Rest Explained.