Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)


The Talos L120C transmission electron microscope (TEM) provides advanced performance and automated ease of use across a wide range of sample applications. 

 Users have access to routine 2D imaging at ambient temperatures for negative stained or thin sectioned samples or advanced cryo-TEM capabilities with tomography to image cryo-prepared specimens. 

The high resolution 4K x 4K CETA CMOS camera ensures high sensitivity with high speed imaging while correlative MAPS software and single particle analysis EPU software provide powerful post-image acquisition data analysis.

Adeno Virus

Negative stain of adeno virus taken by YSP students on the Talos L120C TEM at 57,000x magnification. Virus provided by Professor Martha Brown.

adeno virus
vero cells infected with covic

Cell Culture

Vero cells infected with Sars-Cov-2 that had been embedded and microtomed for imaging on the Talos L120C TEM at 8,500x magnification.


Cryo-EM of exosomes taken on the Talos L120C TEM at 45,000x magnification.

Cryp-EM of exosomes