Jonathan Chio, Institute of Medical Science

Jonathan Chio

Jonathon Chio is a PhD student who joined the Institute of Medical Science (IMS) in September 2014. Working under the supervision of Dr. Michael Fehlings, Jonathon’s doctoral thesis aims to facilitate the clinical translation of human immunoglobulin G as an immunomodulatory therapy for treating spinal cord injury. Outside of his academic work, Jonathon has made significant contributions in enhancing the academic experience of students. In the IMS, at the graduate level, he is an Executive Editor on the Institute of Medical Science Student Magazine, mentor in the IMS peer-to-peer mentorship program and student representative on various subcommittees involved with strategic planning and curriculum development. He had also helped to develop the graduate professional development module and participated in the Student Council; holding positions of Secretary, Magazine Representative and Interdepartmental Representative. At the undergraduate level, Jonathon helps to organize the annual IMS Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Outside of IMS, he leads a high school neuroscience outreach program and is a teaching assistant. Jonathon has been a beneficiary of the supportive academic and social environments he grew up in and thus, tries to contribute back by “paying it forward”. This also serves to be the foundation of his leadership philosophy, where he actively participates and leads initiatives that help students reach their full professional and personal potential through academic and social development.