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Leave of Absence Stipendiary Fund

The Leave of Absence Stipendiary Fund is available to thesis-based graduate students in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine for an approved Leave of Absence (LOA) due to physical and/or mental health challenges which temporarily impair your functioning during your graduate studies. Funding is available up to $5,000 per student for one term on a one-time only basis. Please submit an application package through your graduate department prior to the start of your LOA. If you remain registered during the requested LOA, you will not receive LOA Stipendiary Funding. 

If you are taking a LOA due to parental leave, the School of Graduate Studies provides funding through the SGS Parental Grant.

To apply for the LOA Stipendiary Fund, email the following package by the deadline to Rachel Zulla: 

  1. A completed LOA Stipendiary Fund Form signed by you and your Graduate Coordinator. 

    • This is a fillable form and digital signatures can be inserted, where applicable. If digital signatures are not possible, please leave the signature field blank and RHSE will follow-up with your department.

  2. A one-page letter explaining the reason(s) for the LOA and how it has impaired your ability to function in your graduate program. Please address the letter to the LOA Stipendiary Fund Committee.

  3. A letter from an acceptable health care professional, specifically outlining the physical and mental health issues that impair your functioning in your graduate program. Alternatively, you can also ask your health care professional to complete the Verification of Student Illness formThis a standard University of Toronto form that has being adopted for the purpose of this fund. Acceptable health care professionals are listed on the form.

  4. A completed RHSE Leave of Absence form. Please note:  

    • Only sections 1 and 2 need to be completed.

    • This is a fillable form and digital signatures can be inserted where applicable. If digital signatures are not possible, please leave the signature fields blank and RHSE will follow-up with your Graduate Coordinator/Chair. Alternatively, we will also accept scanned completed forms.

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Applications can be submitted at anytime throughout the academic year. Applications received within a given month, will be reviewed by the end of the month. For example, a complete application received on April 15, 2023 will be seen by the LOA Stipendiary Adjudication Committee in the last week of April 2023.  We will communicate decisions to you within 3 weeks of receiving your application. Complete applications must be submitted by your graduate department Please direct all questions to Rachel Zulla. 

Please note this fund will not count towards your stipend package. This fund is not renewable and can only be received once. It is intended to provide one-term financial support to the recipient who will NOT receive funding from scholarship(s) or award(s) during this Leave of Absence.

This funding is conditional upon confirmation of an approved Leave of Absence by your graduate unit and the School of Graduate Studies.

Last updated:  January 2024