Reinhart Reithmeier, PhD

Reinhart Reithmeier PhDDepartment of Biochemistry

Dr. Reithmeier obtained his BSc at Carleton University in 1972 and his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of British Columbia in 1977. Following post-doctoral training at Harvard and the University of Toronto, he obtained his first faculty position at the University of Alberta in 1980. Dr. Reithmeier is currently Professor of Biochemistry, and the creator of both the Biochemistry Research Day (2004) and the Benjamin Schachter Alumni Lecture, as  Chair of the Department of Biochemistry from 2002–2013. Dr. Reithmeier has served as the Graduate Coordinator in both the Department of Biochemistry (1993-1995) and the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) (1999-2001). At the IMS, he was instrumental in the raising of admission standards and formalization of procedures and was part of the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Executive.  Dr. Reithmeier is known internationally for his research on anion transport membrane proteins in human health and disease. An award-winning lecturer, Dr. Reithmeier enjoys teaching introductory biochemistry to 1,000 undergraduate students every year, as well as upper level and graduate courses. Most recently, he was appointed Special Advisor to the Dean of SGS for Graduate Professional Development (GPD) and Engagement, where he has created the first GPD course in Life Sciences.